Topic - Stray Voltage
Subject - 2007 Jodie Lane National Conference for Stray Voltage Detection, Mitigation, and Prevention

June 18, 2008
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2007 Jodie Lane National Conference for Stray Voltage Detection, Mitigation,
and Prevention


Christopher O’Neil P.E. with SEAPOPE Electrical Consulting recently contacted us and requested that we pass this information on. Image


The Jodie Lane National Conference for Stray Voltage Detection, Mitigation & Prevention is an annual event sponsored by Con Ed through EPRI as part of a fatality settlement. 

Topics of interest for presentations include:

• Urban Stray Voltage Events

• Public Safety Technical Issues

• Manhole Events

Background Jodie Lane National Conference is the power industry's attempt at a comprehensive event focused on urban stray voltage and public safety issues! During the conference, representatives from leading utilities and other interested parties across the U.S. discuss distribution performance, incidents that have occurred in their regions, how incidents can be addressed, and what the plans are going forward. This event offers opportunities for workshop attendees to hear the latest information on the subject and exchange ideas on testing and maintenance practices, investment plans and R&D initiatives.

For more information or to register to attend the next event, please go to

We agree that the press calling hazardous voltages at public accessible locations “stray voltage” has confused the industry.  The term stray voltage, in the press, now encompassed both elevated neutralvoltage as well as hazardous contact voltage due to transient faults at public accessible locations.

The following is a list of the core Presentation titles from the 2007 event. Click here to access the entire Presentation pdf. By following the bookmarks within the adobe document you can quickly locate any presentation of interest. The file is about 7MB so it may take a few minutes to download.

Presentation titles:


Data provided by ConEd

PowerPoint by Roger Lane

Stray Voltage Update


NSTAR Underground Electrical Safety Program

Nuisance Shocking Case Study Cape Cod

NSTAR Distribution Technical Engineering

Christopher P. O’Neil P.E.


Stray Voltage at a Remotely Operated Gas Valve Remotely Operated Gas Valve

Benjamin Brown Benjamin Brown – Orange & Rockland Orange & Rockland


Case Study Con Edison

Graciela Varela

Distribution Engineering


Detection and Mitigation of Stray Voltage in Stray Voltage in Underground Distribution Underground Distribution Systems

Aaron Prazan


David Kalokitis

Power Survey Company


A solution to avoid accidents involving accidents involving manhole covers manhole covers

John Alderson and John Newton

Structural Science Composites Company


Technological Solutions to Stray Voltage Mitigation on Electric Distribution System Equipment

Al Homyk and Don Lucia

Con Edison Company of New York


Swimming Pools 2008 National Electrical Code Changes Article 680.26

Frank C. Lambert neetrac


IEEE Working Group on IEEE Working Group on Voltages at Publicly and Voltages at Publicly and Privately Accessible Locations Privately Accessible Locations

Doug Dorr Doug Dorr – EPRI


Elevated NEV and Urban Stray Elevated NEV and Urban Stray Voltage Concerns in Distribution Voltage Concerns in Distribution Systems Research Update Systems Research Update

Doug Dorr Doug Dorr – EPRI

EPRI Program 128.004


Elevated Neutral - to - Earth Voltage Earth Voltage

Forest Bigenho– Snohomish PUD






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