Article 525 covers the installation of portable wiring and equipment for carnivals, circuses, exhibitions, fairs, traveling attractions, and similar functions, including wiring in or on all structures. [525-1]

Boxes. A box or fitting shall be installed at each connection point, outlet, switchpoint, or junction point. [525-14]

Code Conflicts. Wherever the requirements of other articles of this Code and Article 525 differ, the requirements of Article 525 shall apply to the portable wiring and equipment. [525-3]

Cord on Ground. Flexible cords or cables run on the ground accessible to the public shall be covered with approved nonconductive mats arranged so as not to present a tripping hazard. [525-13]

Cord Splices. Flexible cords or cables shall be continuous without splice or tap between boxes or fittings. [525-13]

Disconnect. Each ride and concession shall be provided with a readily accessible disconnect switch located within 6 ft and within sight of the operator's station. Where the disconnect is accessible to unqualified persons, it shall be of the lockable type. A shunt trip device that is controlled by a switch located in the rides operator's console can be used as the required disconnect. [525-30]

Distribution and Termination Boxes. Portable distribution and termination boxes shall be designed so that no live parts are exposed to accidental contact. If locate outdoors they shall be weatherproof and be held at least 6 inches off the ground. [525-15]

Equipment Grounding. All equipment requiring grounding shall be bonded to the system grounded conductor at the service or separately derived system. The grounded circuit conductor shall not be connected to the equipment grounding conductor on the load side of the service or separately derived system disconnecting means. [525-22]

Generators. Generators must be installed in accordance with Articles 250 and 445. Generators that are considered service equipment must be grounded in accordance with Section 250-23 and generators of the separately derived type must be grounded in accordance with Section 250-26. [525-10]

GFCI Protection. The ground-fault circuit-interrupter protection is not required for receptacles. [525-18]

Mechanical Protection. Electrical equipment and wiring methods subject to physical damage must be provided with mechanical protection. [525-6]

Motors. Motors shall be installed in accordance with Article 430. [525-17]

Open Conductors. Open conductors are prohibited except as part of a listed assembly or festoon lighting installed in accordance with Article 225. [525-13]

Overcurrent Protection. Overcurrent protection of equipment and conductors shall be in accordance with Article 240. [525-16]

Overhead Conductors Clearance to Rides and Attractions. Overhead conductors must maintain a clearance of no less than 15 feet in any direction from amusement rides and amusement attractions, except for conductors that supply the amusement ride or attraction. [525-18]

Overhead Conductors Vertical Clearances. Overhead conductors shall have a vertical clearance to ground in accordance with Section 225-18. [525-18]
10 ft -- above finished grade, sidewalks, or from any platform or projection from which they might be reached where the supply conductors are limited to 150 volts to ground and accessible to pedestrians only.

12 ft -- over residential property and driveways, and those commercial areas not subject to truck traffic where the voltage is limited to 300 volts to ground.

15 ft -- for those areas listed in the 12-ft classification where the voltage exceeds 300 volts to ground.

18 ft -- over public streets, alleys, roads, parking areas subject to truck traffic, driveways on other than residential property, and other land traversed by vehicles such as cultivated, grazing, forest, and orchard.

Service. In general, the service shall be mounted on a solid backing, protected from the weather, installed in a location not accessible to unqualified persons and installed in accordance with Articles 230 and 250. [525-10]

Single Conductor Cable. Single conductor cable is permitted in sizes No. 2 or larger. [525-13]

Transformers. Transformers must be installed in accordance with the requirements of Articles 250 and 450, particularly Section 250-26. [525-10]

Wiring Methods. Wiring methods must be installed in accordance with the requirements of Chapters 1 through 4. Where flexible cords or cables are used, they shall be listed for extra-hard usage, wet location, and be sunlight resistant, such as EV, EVE, or EVT. [525-13]

Wiring Method Support. Wiring for one amusement ride shall not be supported by another ride. [525-13]

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