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Important NEC Rules that Apply to Power Quality

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The following NEC rules are important for those that are concerned with Power Quality. It is critical that all installations be properly installed so that the safe installation practices contained in the NEC are complied with.

  • Common grounding electrode system Section 250-58
  • Equipment grounding methods Section 250-118
  • Grounded conductor used for equipment grounding Section 250-142
  • Grounding electrode system Section 250-50
  • Grounding electrode system resistance Section 250-56
  • Grounding - Circuit less than 50 volts Section 250-20(a) and 250-112(i)
  • Grounding - Remote buildings or structures Section 250-32
  • Grounding - RF interference

Sensitive electronic equipment Section 250-54

Raised computer floors Section 645-15

  • Grounding - Sensitive electronic equipment Section 250-6(d)
  • Grounding - Separately derived systems Section 250-30
  • Grounding - Service equipment Section 250-24
  • Grounding - Sound systems Section 640-7
  • Isolated ground receptacles Section 250-146(d), 384-20 Exception, and 410-56(c)
  • Isolated Grounding Circuits Section 250-96(b)
  • Lighting and Surge Arresters Section 250-6 and Article 280
  • Lighting Protection Systems Section 250-106 and NFPA 101
  • Network Powered Broadband Systems Section 830-33
  • Objectionable current on the grounding conductor Section 250-6(a)

Grounding to reduce electromagnetic fields (EMF)

Grounding to reduce electromagnetic interference (EMI)

Stray voltages

  • Performance requirements for grounding and bonding Section 250-2
  • Power supply systems that must be grounded Section 250-20(b)
  • Single Point Grounding Section 250-92(b)

Telephone systems Section 800-33

Outdoor Antenna, Satellite, and Other Receiving Systems Section 810-15, 810-20

CATV, CCTV, etc. Section 820-33

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