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Illustrated Changes to the NEC, 2005 Edition - Part 2

Article 348

Flexible Metal Conduit: Type FMC

348.30 Secured and Supported

Part II. Installation

Revisions to Exception No. 2 relax the requirements for securing flexible metal conduit at terminations where flexibility is required, since there is little point in installing flexible metal conduit at a termination point where flexibility is required, only to have to secure it in place.

New exception permits a€ś6 ft whips for branch circuits without supporta€ť for luminaires or other electrical equipment within an accessible ceiling.

Flexible metal conduit must be installed as a complete system [300.10, 300.12, and 300.18(A)], and it must be securely fastened in place and supported.

(A) Securely Fastened. Flexible metal conduit must be securely fastened by a means approved by the authority having jurisdiction within 1 ft of termination and at intervals not exceeding 41/2 ft. Figure 348-1

Ex 2: At terminals where flexibility is required, unsupported lengths cannot exceed: Figure 348-2
(1) 3 ft for trade sizes 1/2 through 11/4
(2) 4 ft for trade sizes 11/2 through 2
(3) 5 ft for trade size 21/2 and larger

Ex 4: Lengths not exceeding 6 ft can be unsupported from the last point where the raceway is securely fastened for connections within an accessible ceiling to luminaire(s) or other equipment. Figure 348-3

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