Mike Holt Seminar Information
  Grounding versus Bonding
Seminar Details: This seminar is 2 4-hour sessions
$139.00 per session

Topics Include:

8 am 12 noon
Grounding Fundamentals
Purpose of Grounding and Electrical Fundamentals
Lightning Protection and TVSS Protection
Earth Grounding versus Equipment Grounding
Effective Fault-Current Path
Stray Voltage and Current
Proper Neutral-to-Ground connections
Ground Loops
Objectionable Currents (Net Current)
EMI and RF Interference

1pm 5pm
System Grounding
Services Equipment Section 250.24
Transformers 250.30
Generators Section 250.30
Separate Buildings and Structures Section 250.32
Portable and Vehicle Generators Section 250.34

Grounding Sensitive Electronic and Communications Equipment
The Grounding Electrode System
Ufer Ground
Grounding Sensitive Electronic Equipment
(Isolated and Signal Reference Ground)
Grounding of Communications Systems
(Telephone, CATV, Satellite Dishes, Antennas)
Grounding Data and Instrumentation Cables

Subject Description: Grounding versus Bonding of electrical systems, sensitive electronic, and communications equipment is the most important and least understood activity in the electrical industry. Mike, will explain the topics, especially covering services, feeders, generators, communications systems, and transformers. His style is informal, relaxed and easy to understand - using PowerPoint 4-color graphics and examples that apply to today's electrical installations. Those attending this high-energy program will learn the basics as well as the advance concepts necessary to understand the practical grounding and bonding rules in the NEC for systems not over 600V.

The goal and objective of this program is to help the attendee to understand concepts necessary to design, install, inspect, measure and trouble shoot electrical systems. In addition, this seminar is intended to help clear up confusing and seemingly conflicting or controversial NEC rules. Also tips on proper electrical installations, advice or cautions to possible conflicts or confusing Code rules, and warnings of dangers related to improper electrical installations will be provided.

Begins: October 6th 2005   Ends: October 6th 2005
Location: El Paso Marriot
1600 Airway Blvd
El Paso, TX 79925
(915) 779-3300

El Paso TX

Sponsored by: Summit Electric Supply
Contact: Sheila Hernandez
Phone: (505) 346-2900
Fax: (505) 346-1623

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