Contracting Software - Any Recommendations?


I just got the newsletter with the offer for Vision Software's Electrical Bid Manager estimating software offer. We have been using EBM for 4 or 5 years and it has worked well for us.

Concerning Electrical contracting software, I would like to know if you receive input from other contractors concerning other types of software (time management, scheduling, job costing, inventory, etc) that other people are using. It would be helpful to us if you had an area on your web site where we could get information or feedback on various software packages that are targeted toward us. The end user is best qualified to give a realistic evaluation and software is a major investment in time, resources and revenue. Given that, it would be great to hear both the good and the bad concerning specific packages being offered before one takes the plunge in purchasing a product.

Your site is a wealth of information and this may be a welcome addition. I know I would trust my peers’ input before I'd take the sales persons word as fact.

Keep up the good work,
North Coast Refrigeration & Electric, Inc.
Dan Maas

Mike Holt’s Comment: If you have a recommendation of software that you feel is excellent for the contractor, because you use it, let me know so I can sent this info out as a newsletter. Send comments to

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