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Stray Voltage and Dairy Farms Book

Stray Voltage and Dairy Farms
Book number: NRAES-149
Price: $45.00

In these proceedings of a 2003 conference, more than 20 U.S. and Canadian researchers, educators, consultants, and investigators share expertise on prevention of livestock death by accidental electrocution.

Stray Voltage and Dairy Farms is the only comprehensive source of research on the subject since Effects of Electrical Voltage/Current on Farm Animals: How to Detect and Remedy Problems (1991), the current USDA handbook.

Included are 26 papers that begin with a review of electricity and wiring fundamentals, then proceed to research on cows and stray voltage; sources and characterizations of stray voltage; investigations; instrumentation and measurement; state and utility responses; data interpretation; and prevention and mitigation.

Vital for producers and advisors, veterinarians, dairy scientists, extension educators, engineers, builders, rural electric contractors, agribusinesspersons, utility workers, public policy advisors, and milk cooperative personnel.

2003, 408 pp., 8 1/2 x 11, illus., softcover/wire-spiral binding, ISBN 0-935817-89-1.

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