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Musician Is Killed In Guadalajara Mexico

Sir: I would like that you take note about an accident occurred in the city of Guadalajara, the past Sunday, a guitar player of a Cataluña band was killed by a electric shock when was performing a show in the Kronos bar, the accident was published in the "La Jornada" newspaper. It is a very representative example of the improper ground of the electrical systems. I am trying to send you the journalist note but if the attempt is unsuccessful you can read the new in the web site of the paper

I want to take the opportunity to send you my best wishes for your web site i think is one of the best in the world

Excuses me my poor English.

Alfredo Medina

Mike's Comment: The key is ensuring that all metal parts be bonded to an effective ground-fault current path that leads to the power supply in accordance with Article 250. Grounding (connection to earth) plays no part in making an installation safe. Guys, electricity kills and we need to be sure all metal parts are BONDED. This ticks me off to see people get killed when it could easily be prevented.

P.S. Alfredo, thank you for caring to share this tragedy and your English is just fine.

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