Nicola Tesla I

Nicola Tesla's Tower Circa 1900

Supposedly, this tower is able to tap into the potential difference between the ionesphere and the planet surface. By boring a hole up through the native capacitance of the atmosphere into the ionesphere (using 40 MHz bursts of energy), a direct short could be created whereby an endless stream of electrical energy could be tapped and voila: Free energy.

This picture came from the James M. McCanney, M.S. web site and is supposedly only available there. Of course, there's tons of stuff available on Tesla via Google.

Below are excerpts from McCanney's comments on the tower:

  • "Why did the government tear it down?
  • Why are we paying for polluting power of oil, coal and nuclear power?
  • Now that my theoretical work has rediscovered the principles of the TESLA tower and unlimited free electrical power from the ionosphere (as printed in my book [ see web site ] why are we not pursuing this free energy on a world wide scale?
  • The military quickly built such a tower last July ... near Kanata Canada and when they tapped into the ionosphere ... [ not putting any control electronics on their tower ] ... the surge blew out the north east electric power grid corridor - the recent Dept of Energy report was another cover up ..."

Tesla eventually died, literally pennyless, on January 7th, 1943. It is rather sad that a man who gave the world so much, received so little for his efforts. History books have been unkind as well. Even today, many texts still credit Marconi with the invention of radio, despite the Supreme Court decision which overruled the Marconi patent, awarding it to Tesla. In many parts of this country, people still refer to the electric utility as the 'Edison Company', even though they use the Tesla-Westinghouse alternating current system, NOT Edison's direct current. At the Niagra Falls power generating station, a small statue of Tesla is purposely left unilluminated at night. It has been said that Tesla is the Forgotten Father of Technology. Tesla himself once commented "... The present is theirs. (skeptics of the day) The future, for which I really worked, is mine."

Mike Holt's Comment: Fact or fiction? I don't know. But it sure is interesting.

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