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How Much is a Life Worth?


Topic - Safety
Subject - How Much is a Life Worth?

May 12, 2009
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So How Much is a Life Worth?


It’s a delicate balance between safety in the workplace and staying alive…… or is it?

With business being so tough today, many companies are cutting back and taking short cuts. But in the business of electricity, how smart is this?

So here’s a question:

Should maintenance electricians be forced to work alone? Technically every job they approach is “hot” when they get there, so shouldn’t they be working in pairs?

If the company you’re working for has adopted the NFPA 70E entirely, do they have a right to make you go out on a maintenance job alone?

Let us know how you feel, and send us any case studies or reports that would substantiate the necessity (requirement) to work in pairs and take safety over making a few dollars.




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