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2011 Understanding the NEC, Volume 1 Textbook with DVDs
2011 Understanding the NEC Volume 1 Textbook with DVDs - 11UN1DVD

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Our best-selling Understanding the NEC DVD program has helped thousands of Electricians learn the code in an easy and powerful format. Part 1 covers articles 90 through 480 as Mike walks students through the most utilized rules and breaks them down through full-color illustrations and a small class format DVD where Mike hosts a panel of experts from all aspects of the trade to discuss each article, its meaning and its application in the real-world. There is no other product quite like this program that teaches you every article in such a complete and thorough way. When you need to know the code this program is the best tool you can use to start building your knowledge.

This library includes:

Understanding the NEC Volume 1 Textbook
· General Requirements Art. 90 - 240 (2) DVDs
· Grounding Vs. Bonding Art. 250 (2) DVDs
· Wiring Methods Art. 300 - 392 (2) DVDs
· Equipment for General Use Art. 400 - 450 DVD


Product Code: 11UN1DVD
Pages: 576
Illustrations: 1111
Price: $475.00

You save over $300!