Motors not UL Listed? (8-25-2K)

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Mike, I ran into something yesterday that only Explosionproof motors are listed by UL or any other listing agencies. Maybe you could confirm this for me. Is this true and how do other Inspection departments handle this issue?

Pat Finney, Tacoma Power, Code Enforcement

UL's Response:

UL Lists only Explosionproof Motors and Fire Pump Motors; all others motors are evaluated as a Recognized Component. Motors are "Recognized" and not "Listed" because they can be used in any number of different applications. Without knowing the exact application we are not able to List them.  Except for Explosionproof motors and Fire Pump motors, UL must evaluate the motors as part of the end use product to List the overall product.  Only as an end use product can the motor be fully evaluated because it is loaded as intended in an overall enclosure, for an intended application, where all of the factors surrounding its use can be fully evaluated.

"Recognized Component" motors are identified by the backwards UR on the motor.  This signifies that it has been evaluated on limited basis, meaning that possibly only the protection (i.e. thermally or impedance) and/or construction was verified.  The rest of the application dependent tests are conducted in the end use product. Recognized Components are not intended for field installation, they are intended for factory installation in Listed end products.

I hope this provides you with the information that you are seeking.  If I can be of further assistance, please let me know.

Tom Lichtenstein, Staff Engineer
Regulatory Services, Underwriters Laboratories Inc.