First Meeting


Of the




Held at the


Hall of the American Society of Mechanical Engineers,


12 West 31st Street,


New York City, March 18 and 19, 1896



















Of Electrical, Insurance and Allied Interests, looking toward the Adoption, Promulgation and Enforcement of a National Code of Rules for Electrical Construction and Operation,


Held at the Headquarters of the

American Society of Mechanical Engineers,

12 West 31st Street, New York City,

March 18 – 19, 1896.





Francis B. Crocker, American Society of Electrical Engineers;

Frank R. Ford, American Street Railway Association;

William H. Merrill, National Board of Fire Underwriters;

Francis W. Jones, Postal Telegraph Company;

A. S. Brown, Western Union Telegraph Company;

Alfred Stone, American Institute of Architects;

William Brophy, International Association Fire Engineers;

C. J. H. Woodbury, American Bell Telephone Company;

S. D. Greene and H. C. Wirt, General Electric Company;

Charles F. Scott, Westinghouse Electric and Manufacturing Company;

E. A. Fitzgerald, Underwriters’ National Electric Association;

William J. Hammer, National Electric Light Association;

William Brophy, National Electric Light Association;

Harrison J. Smith, National Electric Light Association;

James I. Ayer, National Electric Light Association;

C. H. Wilmerding, National Electric Light Association;

William McDevitt, Board of Fire Underwriters, Philadelphia;

Morris W. Mead, Bureau of Electricity, Pittsburgh;

E. V. French, Factory Mutual Insurance Company, Boston;


A. E. Kennelly;                     W. J. Jenks;                           E. H. Johnson.


The meeting was called to order at 11.10 A. M. by Mr. William J. Hammer, who said:

Gentlemen, the first thing in order will be to proceed with the election of a Secretary. There are certain papers to be received and read, roll to be called, etc., and I would be glad to hear nominations for Secretary.

Mr. Ayer: I suggest the name of Mr. C. J. H. Woodbury, of Boston.

There being, no other nominations, Mr. Woodbury was unanimously elected.

The Secretary then called the roll; and as each gentleman responded to his name, he was furnished with a printed copy of the rules to be considered at the meeting.

The Secretary then read the following letters:


The Chairman stated that Mr. Henderson sent a letter, and that Mr. Anthony had also sent a letter stating that he would be in attendance at the meeting; also that Mr. Barton had sent word that he would attend.

The Chairman: The next thing to be considered will be nominations for a permanent chairman of this meeting. The chair is ready to entertain nominations.

Mr. Ayer: I nominate Mr.. W. J. Hammer.

The motion was duly seconded; and the Secretary put the question on the nomination, which was carried unanimously.

The Chairman: I would like to call upon Captain Brophy, who has a motion to make.

Mr. Brophy: Mr. Chairman and gentlemen; In making up the list of associations that were to be asked to send delegates to this meeting, I think we overlooked one very important organization, that is, the Associated Factory Mutuals, of Boston. I move that Mr. French, their representative, be asked to represent them here on this occasion. Seconded.

The Chairman: Before proceeding, further, I wish to state that when the matter was first brought up, the committee was not fully conversant with the scope and magnitude of this organization; but we have felt lately that it was highly desirable to have as strong a representation of the insurance companies as possible, and the Factory Mutuals should be recognized in the same manner as other national organizations, as they represent, I understand, something like seven hundred million dollars of insured property and form practically a national organization of great scope.

Those in favor of the Associated Factory Mutual Insurance interest being recognized on the same par with the other organizations which have already been invited according to this list and that Mr. French, who is their chief inspector and represents them here should be recognized as other official delegates, please signify the same saying aye. The motion was duly carried.

            Mr. Stone: Are all of these national organizations?

I see some of them are apparently not. I am going to ask if it would be proper for the Pittsburgh and Philadelphia organizations to be represented; some of these organizations do not seem to be exactly national.

            The Chairman: I will state that the Pittsburgh organization and the Philadelphia organization are not recognized at all. We have extended a complimentary invitation to gentlemen identified with those interests to attend in their individual capacity, not as representing an organization; but merely to come in an advisory capacity, that they may give us the benefit of their suggestions and criticisms, so that they can cooperate with us in this important work.

            I desire to express my heartiest appreciation of my election as permanent chairman of this important gathering, and I certainly trust that we have taken a decisive step towards the securing of the much to be desired result of having one national code which will meet with the full approval of the electrical, insurance and allied interests. The National Electric Light Association has very largely been interested in this work from its inception; and the committee in which I have the honor of being chairman, have taken the initiative in calling together this representation of the organizations interested. Our committee deemed it advisable, in view of that fact, to request that the President of the National Electric Light Association should be present at this meeting and make a few remarks to this body. I therefore take great pleasure in calling upon Mr. C. H. Wilmerding, the President of the National Electric Light Association, to address the meeting.


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