There are two major considerations that must be addressed by anyone who is seeking to become and remain successful in business.

Support: Everyone who wants to be successful should be able to count on the support of his or her family as well as business associates, employees or close friends. It’s human nature to need encouragement and positive reinforcement for our actions. Share opinions and discussions. It’s a significant factor in the success of your endeavors.

Continuing Education: Take time to “sharpen the saw.” You have by your actions indicated that you possess a vital ingredient, the willingness to learn. As a manager, you must keep up. If you stop or slow down, you fall behind. Managers no longer can be satisfied with a high school diploma, or even a masters’ degree from college. Today, managers must actively participate in continuing education activities. Attend a short course on accounting, taxes or marketing. Take part in industry-specific seminars and workshops. Knowledge of how to cut nails from a steel blank is not in high demand, but how to develop an accounting spreadsheet as part of a job-costing system is. You must keep up; failure to keep up with current business, social and technological changes has directly been linked to the failure of many companies.

These two factors: support and willingness to learn will take you far in your quest for higher profits and proficiency.

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