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Develop and maintain a positive attitude about your ability to be successful and make a profit. Feel that you will accomplish your objectives. Sure, you’ll encounter problems in your business, but so will all of your competitors. Know that you can cope with and overcome any problems that arise. Don’t let your customers intimidate you into doing extra work without charge, or making concessions that will cost you money. Make it a practice to keep your attention on your work. Don’t let your mind wander into extraneous matters that have no relationship to the tasks at hand.

We all have “bad” days and “good” days. It happens - but one of the most important things we must learn to do is develop a positive attitude, especially at those times when it seems the most difficult thing to do.

The elements to developing this attitude are belief, desire and expectancy.

A winner believes he or she can win no matter what. They never doubt themselves or their abilities. They believe they are worthy and deserve to win. There is an old saying that is applicable here - “As you believe, so shall you be.”

Winners always have a burning desire to win. That desire is what makes them a winner. To quote another cliché - “A winner never quits and quitters never win.” Finally, winners expect to win no matter what the conditions are. Fear, while natural, is negative expectancy - expecting not to win. Confidence is positive expectancy - knowing you are going to win.

These three elements cannot be tested or measured, but they can all work together to help you develop a winning, positive anticipating attitude.

Focus on the main issues:

What do you have to do?
Why do you have to do it?
How can you best accomplish it?

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