Defeating Hard Times

No-Obligation Free Subscription

Cabling Standards Update, which serves the datacom, telecom, security, automation, and related industries, will fight the current stagnation in many of these areas with free, no-obligation three-month (six -issue) subscriptions.

“We recently changed the Update from a 40-page printed-and-mailed quarterly to a 9- to 12-page PDF send via e-mail twice a month,” said Marilyn Michelson, Editor, Publisher, and founder. “Now, more than ever, people in the communications and integrated building systems businesses need timely, unbiased information. We deliver that.”

To obtain a free six-issue subscription via e-mail beginning with the September 15th edition, all that’s necessary is to send name, title + company in an e-mail to

“With a six-issue subscription, anyone and everyone in the industry – from the ‘feet on the street’ in distributor datacom sales, to end-user MIS and IT professionals – can access high-quality information at no charge.

“We’re not requesting credit card information or calling this a ‘trial’ subscription. We’re offering free information to our old friends in the industry – and, we hope, some new friends – to help them with their current struggles.”

How are the many standards involved in network computing data cabling, home networking, industrial and commercial building automation, security, and related areas created. How should they be implemented? What’s working in the field?

Update subscribers get the answers – information that’s neither written nor influenced by industry suppliers.

Published continuously since 1995, the Update provides key information on how to design, install, and maintain the copper cabling and fiber optics that carry information, signals, and images. It accepts no advertising or sponsorships in its pages or on its Web site (

About the free subscription offer: It extends through Halloween. Those responding after Sept. 15th will be able to obtain all six free issues, including those missed. For more information, contact Associate Publisher Joe Salimando at 703-255-1428 or

Mike Holt's Comment: This is a great newsletter and I hope you find it helpful.

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