GE Industrial Systems has identified a potential defective component condition in MicroVersaTrip trip units used with Low Voltage Circuit Breakers. These trip units must be tested immediately per the attached procedure. GE will supply replacement MicroVersaTrip trip units for any units that fail the prescribed tests.

The issue involves a potential defect in an electronic component that was purchased from a supplier. The defect compromises the seal of the part, which may allow moisture and contaminants in the air to enter the part resulting in corrosion and potential component failure.

This condition, if present, will result in a failure of the breaker to trip. Based on field data and reliability modeling this potential defect is an infant mortality issue and should present itself within the first 35 days of energization.

Click here for more information. (PDF) http://www.mikeholt.com/htmlnews/safety/Product_Safety_Alert_letter_021002.pdf

Click here to view the test procedures. (PDF) http://www.mikeholt.com/download.php?file=PDF/MVT_PSA_Test_Procedure-2.pdf


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