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2020 NEC®

Well, believe it or not, the 2020 National Electrical Code® process has begun!


The first step in the process is the submittal of "Public Inputs", and these were due by midnight on September 7, 2017.

Here is a link to Mark Earley's blog page on the 2020 NEC Processing Schedule, or you can download the PDF.

The first draft Meeting is January 8-20, 2018, and the details can be found here.

Anybody that's interested in the NEC should make an effort to be involved. I have submitted my Public Inputs and look forward to participating in the process to make the National Electrical Code a little easier to read and apply.

Below are the links to my Public Inputs. One link has all of the Public Inputs, and the other links contain the Public Inputs by Code chapter.

If, after you review my suggested 2020 NEC changes, you have feedback on how I can improve my suggestions, please let me know directly - Mike@MikeHolt.com.

Send feedback or comments directly to Mike@MikeHolt.com.

For more information on NFPA Codes and Standards click here.

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