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Safety Alert - Surge Protector Linked to House Fires

Investigators in Cary, NC have determined that a house fire in December was linked to a faulty surge protector.

Jessica Patrick, WRAL digital journalist reports that the December 28 fire is at least the fifth in Cary to be connected to a specific kind of surge protector which is often installed with heating and air conditioners.

The affected surge protectors are identified as Type 2 surge protectors and are labeled Supco Model SCM150, and Sycom Model SYC-120/240-T2. Both are manufactured by Sycom Surge, Inc.

According to Cary officials, these models are deemed potentially hazardous by UL, a global safety consulting and certification company.

Homeowners are asked to spread the word and check their surge protectors. In the most recent fire, investigators determined that a Supco surge protector on the home's A/C unit caught fire, scorching the side of the home.

If a device bearing one of the labels below is identified at the home, citizens should contact a licensed electrician or heating and A/C contractor. If you have questions or concerns, call Sycom at 800-622-9904.

More label information can be found on the town's website.
UL Warns of Potentially Hazardous Surge Protectors.

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      January 20 2019, 6:56 pm EST

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