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Possible Dangerous Electrical Violation

A customer recently contacted us to make us aware of a potentially dangerous situation because of the way a certain person is promoting electrical backfeeding. Here's what he sent to us:

I came across this man who is promoting electrical backfeeding on HUD foreclosed homes that do not have power turned on by unlicensed property preservation "contractors" He promotes the unsafe practices in these videos to "contractors" across the country. He says HUD says it's "legal" to do but even though I'm NOT an electrician I'm pretty sure it against OSHA being he shows the use of a double male cord and against NEC as even though the breaker is off, he backfeeds with the Neutral still tied to the grid and the generator is NOT grounded either, just sitting on a trailer. Indeed HUD FSM national companies do promote this practice as I have a friend in the business who refuses to backfeed and loses work over his refusal. I'm not sure how HUD gets away with it either. I'm hoping someone can get this to the proper authorities before someone gets killed doing this or worse yet, kills someone else. He runs a site called Foreclosurepedia.org and promotes this stuff on a Facebook page called the IAFST Industry Forum. https://www.facebook.com/groups/iafst/. I actually saw that he shared these videos on that Facebook page and if you click the link above you can see the post for yourself.. Here are YouTube links to the videos. Scary!!




Thanks for all you do.....

Mike Holt's Comment: This is clearly a violation of 406.7(B) No Energized Parts. Attachment plugs must be installed so their prongs, blades, or pins are not permitted to be energized unless inserted into an energized receptacle or flexible cord connector. Figure 406.7(B)

  • Wow !! I couldn't watch the whole video, some people just don't get IT !! Hire a licenced professional.

    brian ballou  February 22 2019, 10:54 am EST

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