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Article 250 Grounding and Bonding 250.8

Subject - Article 250 Grounding and Bonding 250.8

January 12, 2006  

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Grounding and Bonding

250.8 Termination of Grounding and Bonding Conductors

Revised text clarifies that terminals for grounding conductors or bonding jumpers must be attached to enclosures in a suitable method to ensure an effective ground-fault path.

The termination of equipment grounding and bonding conductors must be by exothermic welding, listed pressure connectors of the set screw or compression type, listed clamps, or other listed fittings. Sheet-metal screws cannot be used to connect grounding (or bonding) conductors or connection devices to enclosures. Figure 250-6

Author’s Comment: The rule still doesn’t prohibit drywall screws or wood screws for being used for this purpose, just “sheet-metal” screws!

Figure 250-6
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  • Hello, I have a question about the ground wires in the time clock. It is my understanding that the clock itself needs to be grounded. In the picture being that it does not bolt in and just clips in. So what i'm asking doesn't the two grounds need to be made together, not separate like they are?


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