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Article 547 Agricultural Buildings - 547.10

Subject - Article 547 Agricultural Buildings - 547.10

Based on - NEC - 2005 Edition

September 14, 2007
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Agricultural Buildings

547.10 Equipotential Planes and Bonding of Equipotential Planes

Section revised to clarify when an equipotential plane is required in livestock buildings. Previous Codes required an equipotential plane where metallic equipment was “likely to become energized.”

The installation and bonding of equipotential planes must comply with (A) and (B).
(A) Where Equipotential Plane is Required. An equipotential plane must be installed in all concrete floor confinement areas of livestock buildings containing metallic equipment accessible to animals that may become energized.
Figure 547-2

Outdoor concrete confinement areas, such as feedlots, must have an equipotential plane around metallic equipment accessible to animals that may become energized.

The equipotential plane must encompass the area around the equipment where the animal stands.

Figure 547-2
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  • I had a farm like problem happen to me. The ground around a sign I was rebuilding. The sign had power and I raised the sign with a splice from 6 feet to 13 and then extended the circuit. Upon energizing the circuit I read 12 volts AC at the LB at ground level. From Hot to the LB it went to 118 v and to neutral it went to 70. Every rose bush and the sign pole would trigger my Fluke voltage Probe.

    Until that happened to me I found it hard to believe that farms could have this many problems. To many years wiring buildings I guess. Well the wires had 7.62K ohms between neutral and hot going back to the building. Tomorrow we dig up the ground and trace the problem down.

    Kid Stevens

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