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What a lot of people don't realize is that the foundation for understanding the NEC rules for electrical installations is electrical theory! Whether you're a first-year apprentice still struggling to understand the difference between a volt or ampere, or a veteran electrician trying to sharpen your troubleshooting skills, this product has something for you.

We're sharing this clip from the program to introduce you to the importance of this topic. Please feel free to share this with your friends and co-workers, and for more videos and content on this topic, check out our Electrical Theory Video Library that includes the full program and digital textbook.
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The content below is extracted from Mike Holt's Understanding Electrical Theory for NEC Applications textbook.

AFCIs, Parallel Arcing Fault

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Did you know a frayed extension cord or a damaged cable could create an arc-fault sufficient enough to be an ignition source for a fire?

In fact, from 2015–2019 according to NFPA research, arcing-faults served as the heat source in over three in five fires (63%) in homes involving an electrical failure or malfunction.

Arc-fault circuit interrupters are designed to help prevent fires by detecting an unintended electrical ar,c and disconnecting the power before the arc starts a fire. AFCI devices monitor the circuit current to protect against both series arcing faults, (low current, long duration) and parallel arcing-faults (high current, short duration).

Learn more about arc-faults and how AFCI’s can help prevent you from experiencing an electrical fire. Read the attached text and watch the video where Mike and the team discuss protection from arcing faults. Click on the image to the right to watch the video and download the PDF here.

For more information on this topic, get a copy of Mike Holt's Understanding Electrical Theory video program and textbook.

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  • This is a good series. Sparks my interest in applied electrical theory. First Electrical employment was 1958 !

    Glen Ellis  February 15 2024, 7:21 am EST
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