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Marinas, Boatyards, and Docking Facilities

May 31, 2024
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A Free PDF for you to download.

The danger. Water and electricity don’t mix! Not only are marinas and boat docks sitting on the water, but in addition, the marine environment is a harsh one.

Planning for safety. A marina or dock installer is required to make special provisions for fluctuations in water level, the corrosive influences of a wet environment, and the dangers of electric shock. Article 555 contains the special installation requirements and precautions that must be considered for electrical equipment installed in these locations to be safe.

Free PDF Article 555. This content is extracted from Mike Holt's Illustrated Guide to Understanding the National Electrical Code Volume 2, based on the 2023 NEC. It will bring you up to speed on the special installation requirements for marinas, boatyards, and docking facilities. If you want more great information on other installation requirements for Special Occupancies, Special Equipment, or Special Conditions, click here to purchase or review this and other products from Mike's Understanding the National Electrical Code series.

For more on Marina and Boatyard safety, visit MikeHolt.com/Docks.

To download and print. Click on any one of the following links:

To find it on our website. Go to the Free Publications page on the Mike Holt website and select Marinas, Boatyards and Docking Facilities - or any other free PDF.

I just downloaded the 2023 Article 555 pdf just like I have the past years you have offered it to us. It is probably one of the best publications on the subject and is crystal clear to understand. Thank you!

Now, with that said, I want you to hear this: Your making that publication available to your following contractors has, without question, saved a life. Let me say that again: Your making that publication available to your following contractors has, without question, saved a life. Did you get it. It has saved a LIFE.

Wow. And you probably just approved a suggestion to send it out to all. No big deal. You saved a life Mike.

Every day I ask Him, what's up today Lord? Can I help? His will, not mine be done.

You are a good man Mike, with a good family.
—Bob Gerngross
Sarasota, FL

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