Do I need to complete the Homestudy books you sent me before I come to class?

Yes! The homestudy books are a key portion of your program. The workbooks & DVDs will give you the knowledge you need on the NEC, which is about 50-65% of your exam. Our class will not teach you Code—we assume that when you come to the class you already know the Code well and are familiar with all the reference books—that's what our home-study materials will do for you. You will have the most success if you complete the homestudy books before attending the class.

What's your success rate?

When you commit to this program and study all the books we send you, and you do the work, you will pass your exam. In most cases the feedback from the failed exams is that the student didn't study the NEC books we sent them before going to the class. If you go to the class and you take smoking breaks, and phone-calls, and don't sit through John's training you may not. If you work our system, you will pass.

Do you provide the exam after the class?

The exam is administered by Pearson Vue. We don't give the exam. You'd need to schedule it by contacting Pearson Vue. There are a few locations 15-20 minutes away from the class hotel. www.pearsonvue.com or 1-888-204-6230

When should I take the exam?

We recommend you take the exam within a week of completing our Live class. You should schedule the Business and Technical exams on separate days, but both within a week of the class. The exam is administered by Pearson Vue, sign up for exam here www.pearsonvue.com or 1-888-204-6230

What are the hours of the class?

The class is all day for 6 days straight, and some days, it will be from 8am-10pm. Print your schedule for the class in the link above.

Do I need to find rooming or hotel accommodations?

We recommend that you stay at or near the class hotel. The schedule includes long days and it’s easier on you if you are staying at the class hotel, or close to it. If you’re searching for alternative accommodation, we suggest that you compare the pricing of the class hotel only to the hotels within close proximity to the class address. The hotel location found here, under “Class Location”:

Do I need to bring anything to the class?

Please bring all the required items on the checklist in step 1 in box “What to Bring to Class”. You may also want to bring a jacket since the room will be cold.

Is food provided in class?

There will be breaks for all meal times. There is no food provided in the class, but there is a restaurant and store on-site that you can go to during breaks.