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Florida Contractor's Exam


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I would rate the course a ten. I passed both my business and my unlimited test on the first try. I wouldn't have passed without the class... John is a fantastic instructor... You guys are the best —Ben W.

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Individuals can take the two required parts of the state exam (Business & Technical) by filling out an application. However, passing the exam will not be helpful if you don’t have the qualifications to get this license.

Important: Before filling out your exam application to take these exams, make sure you qualify!

A company that can help you determine if you qualify is API Processing. We recommend you contact them for help:

helpAPI Processing

Qualifications: You must meet one of the following experience requirements:

  • Be licensed as an Electrical Professional Engineer for three (3) years within the last 12 years; or
  • Have three (3) years of management experience in the trade within the last six (6) years immediately preceding the filing of the application; or
  • Have four (4) years of experience as a foreman, supervisor or contractor in the trade within the last eight (8) years immediately preceding the filing of the application; or
  • Have six (6) years of comprehensive training, technical education or broad experience associated with an electrical contracting business within the last 12 years immediately preceding the filing of the application; or Must have at least six (6) years of technical experience in electrical work with the Armed Forces or a governmental entity within the last 12 years immediately preceding the filing of the application; or
  • Have a combination of these qualifications totaling six (6) years of experience.

In addition, if you are applying for the following categories, these specific experience requirements will apply:

  • EC - Certified Electrical Contractor - The required experience must include at least 40% of work that is in 3-phase services.
  • EF - Certified Alarm System Contractor I (All Alarm Systems) - The required experience must include at least 40% of work that is in fire alarm systems.
  • EG - Certified Alarm System Contractor II (Excluding Fire) - The required experience must include at least 40% of work that is in alarm systems other than fire alarm systems.

Reference: Section 489.511, Florida Statutes

You'll be required to submit the following forms when filling out the license application:

  • Evidence of work experience
    • W2 forms, Employment verification forms signed by your employers, Job Lists
  • Evidence of financial responsibility
    • A personal credit report, A personal financial statement
  • Business Information
    • Business credit report, Business financial statement, Certificate of Status from the Department of State Division of Corporations, A letter of financial responsibility, Verification of officer supervisor status

FAQFor information about these licenses qualifications, requirements, fees, and license info, CLICK HERE.

FAQs for licensing CLICK HERE.

Click here for the Candidate Booklet.

The State Contractors Exam is a two-part open book exam. Both parts must be passed with a minimum score of 75% in order to pass your exam. Both of these exams are administered on a computer at any Pearson-Vue Testing location.

  • Part 1 consists of a Technical/Safety section and includes 100 questions. You will have 5 hours to pass this portion of your exam.
  • Part 2 is the Business portion of your exam and this includes 50 questions and you will have up to 2.5 hours to pass this portion of your exam.

Fee to register with state to take the exam: $316.25

Fee to take the exam with PearsonVue:

  1. Business: $27.50
  2. Technical/Safety: $52.50

Click here for an exam application

Click here for the Candidate Booklet.

Check the status of your application after 2-3 weeks of sending in your application on the FL state electrical board website. Click here to check your status. After the state receives and approves your exam application they will contact you with a letter for you to schedule your exam.

The exam is administered by Pearson-Vue. Schedule your exam by visiting or calling 1-888-204-6230. Additional fees may be required by Pearson-Vue. You will need a photo ID at the testing site.

What to do if you don't pass one portion of your exam the first time:

If you don't pass the Technical portion of your exam, you can retake the exam by reapplying for it with the Department of Professional Regulation and paying the required fee for each additional retake. If you do not pass this exam within three tries you will then need to complete seven hours of Continuing Education in order to take this again. You will also need to redo your application completely and resend the required fee with your proof of Continuing Education.

If you do not pass the Business portion of your exam then you can take this test again after 21 days by contacting Pearson Vue. Again, you have three tries to pass this exam. If you do not pass this exam after three tries, you will need to take 7 hours of Continuing Education to reapply to the state to retake this for the 4th time.

  • Click Here for the Retake application form that is required for the Technical and/or the Business portion of your exam and send your check and form via certified mail or overnight for tracking purposes. Pearson Vue may require additional fees to retake this exam.

For more information on an approved Continuing Education course, please contact our office at 888-632-2633.

The following Certified licenses are provided by the State of Florida and require passed exams and applications.

  • Certified Electrical Contractor (EC)
  • Certified Alarm System Contractor I (EF)
  • Certified Alarm Contractor II (EG)
  • Certified Electrical Specialty Contractor (ES)
    • Residential Electrical Specialty
    • Utility Line Specialty
    • Lighting Maintenance Specialty
    • Sign Specialty
    • Limited Energy Specialty

Licenses may be issued by registration or certification:

Registration — The applicant has taken and passed a local competency examination and can practice only within that locale. Contact your local county jurisdiction for exam information. Go to > Our Businesses & Professions > Electrical Contractors.

Certification — The applicant has taken and passed the State Licensing examination and can practice throughout the State of Florida.

Click here for your license scope of work.
Click here for license applications.

What are the application fees?

  • Certified Examination Application – $316.25
  • Certified Computer Based Exam - $78.75 (Paid to vendor after approval)
  • Initial Certified License (active) - $300.00
  • Initial Registered License (active) - $155.00
  • Add a county to a Registered License - $25.00
  • Initial Certified License (inactive) - $55.00
  • Initial Registered License (inactive) - $55.00
  • Certified Transfer Application - $150.00
  • Registered Transfer Application - $50.00
  • Additional Business Application - $ 550.00
  • Endorsement Application - $500.00

*Application fees are non-refundable.

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How do I become a certified electrical or alarm contractor?

I want to get the masters exam in FL. What's the difference between Masters and Contractors?

I am a journeyman in another state and want to apply for a Florida journeyman's license. How do I obtain one?

I've been working in the field for "x" years. Do I meet the requirements?

Does Florida reciprocate with another state? Does Florida have endorsement procedures to become licensed?

Do I need your live class?

Where do I Get the Books that I need for the Exam?

Who Provides the Exam? When and how do I Schedule the Exam?

What's the number that Pearson Vue needs? They said I need a number to schedule my exam.

How long are examinations scores valid?

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Our Commitment

We are committed to your success and are here to help you from start to finish! We'll guide you through every step of preparing for and taking your exam to make sure that you have the confidence to sit for the exam and pass. Once you pass your exam, we'll be here for all your future electrical training needs.

Why Our Program is Successful

We know what it takes to get you ready for the test. Our method works because our program is expertly designed to:

  • Prepare you for the technical and business questions that you will get on your exam
  • Give you techniques and tools to help you navigate your reference books during the test
  • Coach you on the mental aspect of preparing for the test
  • Show you how to manage your time during the exam

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