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2005 NEC Spiral Edition Code Book - 05SB 2005 NFPA Spiral Edition Code Book


This spiral edition makes the code book much easier to use. The spiral coil allows you to conveniently study by placing the book folded on your desk. It lays flat and you can even put it on a hook in your truck. The most widely adopted element of ... More Info

2008 Grounding versus Bonding Article 250 DVD - 08NCDVD2 2008 Grounding Vs. Bonding, Article 250, DVD


Grounding and bonding problems are at epidemic levels. Surveys repeatedly show a high percentage of power quality problems are due to poor grounding and bonding. Electrical theory has been applied to this difficult to understand Article, making it... More Info

2008 Essential 101 NEC Rules - 08NEC101 2008 Illustrated Guide to the Essential 101 NEC Rules Textbook


Finally there is a book that is devoted exclusively to all NEC requirements that directly relate to fire and electrical shock hazards. Mike Holt has just released a new book called the 101 Essential NEC Rules (Based on the 2008 NEC). These 101 rul... More Info