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Find an Expert is intended as a list of experts who would be consulted by an attorney for legal and/or contractual issues, witness testimony or forensic advice in the electrical industry. The individuals listed possess specialized, authoritative knowledge or experience beyond that of the average electrical professional and are accomplished by virtue of credential, publication, skill, or education.

This is not a listing for you or your company if you are an engineer and provide engineering services, or an electrical contractor that provides contracting services, or an electrician that provides electrical services - regardless of your level of experience in your particular electrical field.

We make no warranty, actual or implied, as to the quality of Professionals listed or advertised on our web site. This company, our affiliates, directors, agents, and employees, specifically disclaim any liability, loss or risk, personal or otherwise, incurred as a consequence directly or indirectly of the use and application of any information you obtain as a result of your use of information provided. We reserve the right to remove any Professional listing at any time with no prior notice for any reason.

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