Our Story, Mike Holt Enterprises

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Mike's passion for the electrical industry and for educating others on the NEC® began in 1972 while studying for a local electrical exam. His inability to find material that was well-written or properly illustrated gave him the idea to start a school that would be devoted to Electrical training. In 1975 Mike Holt Enterprises was created with very clear principles of making Electrical training more effective and providing books that were straightforward and easy to understand. This desire to create books to help electricians pass exams grew into the nation's largest “Electrical-Only” publisher that specializes in books, Videos, Power Points, and Online Training Courses that would change the way the NEC and Electrical training is taught.

40 years later, this standard continues to guide us. Our products are designed for student success and are based on the following principles:

  • Text must be easy to understand and it must include clear step-by-step detailed explanations to help simplify difficult concepts.
  • All products should be supported by full-color detailed illustrations to help students visualize the concept being taught.
  • Our Instructor Resources should save teachers time and give them tools to be more successful in reaching their students.

Our primary goal as a company is to change the lives of Electrical professionals through our products. We work hard everyday to produce the finest quality books and Videos in the market. We genuinely care about helping our customers learn what they need to know to take their careers to the next level as well as helping our instructors and schools prepare the next generation of Electrical Professionals with the skills and the knowledge they need to succeed.