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Stray Voltage in North Carolina Part 3 of 3


I spoke to you earlier this year about the problem. The Co-op will do nothing to get rid of the Neutral to Earth Ground Voltage on our neighborhood power distribution. I even have 5 volts on my natural gas pipes. Hopefully this story (see below) will motivate them to fix.

Thanks, Lonn Rickstrom

Mike, these are the questions I sent the utility Mar 22, 2004.

  1. Do you agree that Lumbee River is the Source of the Neutral to Earth Ground Voltage? If not where is it coming from?

  2. Are you going to reconsider your stance and fix this problem for your member's safety?

  3. What is Lumbee's Policy on Neutral to Ground Voltage? What is an acceptable amount?

  4. Will the Cooperative consult with and outside specialist to re-look the problem for "our" members?

Mike Holt: Click here to download the utilities' response. [ PDF 1.4MB ]

Mike Holt's Comment: If you want more information about stray voltage (elevated primary neutral-to-earth voltage), click on the following links that are posted on my Stray Voltage Website.

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