Understanding Basic Motor Controls

I am currently using this text in a class I'm teaching I find it to be clear and simple to understand. The pictures and diagrams are great! This makes 4 or 5 of Mike's books that I've used over the years and I refer to them time and time again even to explain something at work. Thanks for another quality product Eric K Artschwager ABC LA CROSSE AREA ------------------------------- It's an excellent text and fills a need for a good, lower cost motor controls text. Thank you, Tom Baker P S E TRAINING ------------------------------- Your new motor controls handbook is an outstanding educational publication. The illustrations appear to be absolute perfection in their clarity and accuracy ... actually true works of art. Please convey my admiration to Mike Culbreath. Ned Kauffman LINE MOUNTAIN SCHOOL DISTRICT -------------------------------------- Motor controls have always seemed simple & straightforward to me even though I've never had any motor controls instruction. I've always been the "go-to guy" for motor controls at work because of how easily I could diagnose complex systems. However, after trying to teach it to my engineering class this last semester, I realized, what's naturally easy to me isn't easy to everybody. After viewing the quality and extent of illustrations of your motor controls book, I had to check it out. I'm not disappointed. Some of the illustrations are just the missing pieces that my students needed to put it all together. I'm thinking of rearranging my class lectures and homework assignments because of the order/presentation/completeness of this book. Thank you. Jeff Sobczyk DLR GROUP --------------------------- I really enjoy the Motor Controls material I purchased and will be incorporating it into a new Industrial Controls class I will be teaching in November. Keep up the great work and give Mike my regards and gratitude for creating such awesome material for us to use in the classrooms. Sincerely Tim Dean Electrical Trades Instructor Madison Comprehensive High School ------------------------- I love, love your books; they teach everything in a very simple and easy to understand way. With other books, I sometimes feel a little stupid because I don't understand what they are explaining and it makes me want to give up, and also causes a lot of frustration - that's why I will not buy any other books anymore! I love the simple drawings - please keep these in your future books. Please don't change a thing about the way you teach or your style!!!! Absolutely nothing!!!! Your team really gets it, they really do. Thank you, your books have been a real blessing to me. Marlon Valenzuela