Electrical Estimating Textbook - 2nd Edition

I've been in the electrical trade for 37 years, both as an electrician and contractor. Estimating, (bidding) has always been hit and miss with me. My current employer moved me into the office as an estimator/project manager. He gave me your book, 'Electrical Estimating'. He hadn't read it himself, but wanted to know what I thought about it. It gave me a clarity of the bidding process. I then noticed that his process of bidding jobs was almost exactly as described in your book. I now use your systematic approach and have much more confidence in by bidding. Thank you, Ed Roberts ---------- Mike Holt's ability to keep his information alive during the entire presentation, his ability to draw you into the subject makes it worth the money I spent on the estimating DVD series. As a moderator, he was able to draw knowledge from his group and present it to the audience. That is the gift of teaching which I think is fascinating and makes me come back for more. I will definitely use his material in the future. Dave Thompson