2014 Understanding the National Electrical Code, Volume 1 textbook with DVDs

This is solid NEC Training.

J. Helbirg


Kudos to the Mike Holt team. The Code DVD’s were excellent.  I actually used them in my apprenticeship class as a teaching tool. I would play a bit, listen to the board's comments and then pause it and have a micro symposium. A lot of misunderstanding was corrected and some really good teachable moments were accomplished. Thank you for your dedication to the trade, and the addition of Michael to the panel was stellar. Keep up the good work, and thank you for your dedication to the Lord at the very onset. I believe that’s one of the reasons Mike is so blessed.

Tee Raynes


I have learned quit a bit from the easy format you explain the NEC Code in the Understanding the NEC books. Thank you for providing such a clear and concise material....you provide a great service and value.



I teach electrical safety classes and conduct technical assistance all over the state of Kentucky. I generally place your Understanding the NEC as well as your Bonding and Grounding books on a table along with the regulations at most of my classes. Thanks.

Kevin Taulbee


I studied Mike Holt back in 1990 to pass my Dade County master exam. What a dishonor I've done to my self by not continuing to learn. This Understanding The National Electrical Code Volume 1,2 is the most incredible Code learning system ever written Thank you ,Gracie for advising me to purchase this. And tell Mike that he has used God's gift perfectly. Thank you.

Nathan Villar


You guys seem to genuinely value my business. I have been a control technician for 24 years and recently was approached by my company to get my journeyman's license. Your Understanding the NEC library looked like the most detailed course out there. You guys are great!

Ron Walton


I have been teaching code classes at our community college (Cuesta) for the past several years. This year I decided to use some of your books as a teaching aid for my NEC class. What a pleasant surprise - Understanding the NEC is the greatest. The illustrations are clear and easy to understand. I am finding when a student is having trouble grasping a concept, I can simply hand them the book, and it becomes clear to them what I am trying to convey. It’s like having a code specialist with me in the classroom.

Clyde Ganes