2014 Ultimate Solar PV DVD Library

Hi Mike,

I'm Andy from Rep. of Panama, studying to be NABCEP PV designer installer certified. One of the most important tools is your "Understanding NEC Requirements for Solar PV Systems", by the way - very simple and specific. Drawings give you a clear understanding. Congratulations, knowledge expands when you share it, thank you.

Regards, Andy


I really apprecaited the quality and layout of the content in the Solar DVD program, as it pertains the to NEC and solar. Great aid in learning the rules.

Bryson Pagh


Mike has become, or should I say, I have just seen, that he is the standard that both contractors and inspectors view as industry standard for learning, teaching and working in this ever changing solar industry.

James E Callison


I find the training materials and the recent book on the 2014 NEC Photovoltaic System Requirements are excellent. I consult in my design work - great reference material!

Michael Flahie, P.E.


For electricians nationwide, the name Mike Holt has long been synonymous with top-notch, Code-focused electrical training and publishing. Both he and this new book are exceptional resources upon which the solar technology workforce can now rely to improve the code compliance, safety and performance of PV systems.

Bill Brooks, Principal Brooks Engineering


I love the format. The order in which the material is presented is logical and builds on itself. The  Author's Comments offer great clarity on the subject matter.

Jazon MacIsaac