Bonding and Grounding (textbook), 2017 NEC

For years I have been using your products.  I want to express my appreciation for your work, time and skill you put into your books.  They are so helpful in explaining and details.  I continue to learn even at 65 years old!  The photos and "Authors Comments" are worth their weight in gold.  Grounding and bonding have always been one of the most difficult topics.  Your material makes it enjoyable and exciting to learn. Thank you, Respectfully 

Bill Silvey


Wowww. I'm in my second year IEC - this book is amazing. I learned the difference between grounding and grounded. Good pics and diagrams, with a professional look. Very satisfied with my purchase.

Vladimir Gonzalez-Fernandez


I just finished a grounding & bonding class using your DVDs and book. I had several electricians and contractors in the class. All were amazed at how easy Mike's curriculum is to understand and how relevant it is. Many finally understood the difference between grounding vs bonding....Also many enjoyed the info on pools and spas. Thanks for making my job easy.....I love the up to date curriculum, great customer service, and awesome website....

Michael Harrington


I teach electrical safety classes and conduct technical assistance all over the state of Kentucky. I generally place your Understanding the NEC as well as your Bonding and Grounding books on a table along with the regulations at most of my classes. Thanks.

Kevin Taulbee


Keep writing books that educate the public. I received my Masters license application yesterday. I have been a journeyman for 21 years. Back in 1999 I purchased a Mike Holt Master prep book but didn't read it. I recently used it and it got me to pass my exam. It was very informative. I have a good understanding of my career field thanks to Mike and the books he put out. My only regret was I waited so long to read and answer the instruction in the book. I was so impressed with the book, I got the Grounding Vs Bonding and it reads and educates with ease. I will be viewing this site and watching for more instructional books as they are written.

Robert Lane


The Grounding vs Bonding Textbook is extremely targeted and well-organized.

Michael O'Neill


I like the drawings. I like how you back up what you say with the NEC article. I like the explanations, that is to say, the way you teach. I'm a generator tech, and I see how most of us generator techs are clueless when it comes to grounding and bonding, plus anything else about the NEC that might pertain to us. I feel I am much more professional as a result.

Steve Johnstone


From an inspector/instructor point of view your product is very user friendly. The book on Grounding versus Bonding makes it so easy to explain to others and the illustration are great. If all your books on the NEC are as good as this one I plan to get most of them! Thanks

Tommy Hall