2008 Master/Contractor Comprehensive Library DVDs
I purchased the Mike Holt Master Exam Prep Library with DVDs and books a few weeks ago, after I had previously purchased a master exam prep from another company. The first was designed to teach" how to take the test"; this how ever was not enough for me to be successful on test day.

The Mike Holt exam prep however guides you through each subject as needed for you to learn the material - not only to pass a test but to gain knowledge to use every day in our trade. This is what our industry needs today. I am very thankful to Mike and his staff for there dedication to our industry. I passed the master exam after and only after I studied with the Mike Holt prep material.

I strongly suggest this material to anyone looking for success on there exam. Thank you Mike!!!

Scott Moore
Moore Electric


Thank you Mike Holt and team for an excellent product! I worked 5 1/2 years in the field and had no previous schooling as an electrician. I bought Mike's Master Electrician/Contractor package, completed it and then passed my state licensing exam first try! Mike Holt, you designed your course wonderfully! Without doubt the best in the industry. Thank You!!

Armand Tiffe

I purchased the Master/Contractor Comprehensive Library; these resources are very, very detailed! Mike breaks down the big terms to an elementary level which is very GOOD, because it helps me understand the material!

Uriah Freeman


Wow Mike Holt is a great teacher! The videos being 4 hours long I thought I would grow bored, but he kept my interest up. Well done. I've already recommended the Master/Contractor Comprehensive set to people at work. Thanks Mike!
Michael Boucher


I just want to say thank you to the entire Mike Holt organization for taking the time to produce such priceless exam preparation material.

I think Mike and his team do an excellent job overall with there books, videos, and great customer service. I bought the Masters Comprehensive library, Electrical Formulas, 2008 NEC Exam Preparation and have been very pleased with all of the great information to help me further my career.

Thank you,
Jesse Dunlap

After seeing the easy to comprehend graphics on such abstract topics like tap rules or grounding vs. bonding, etc, my eyes were opened and my mind was comprehending topics that previously I read about many times and had no clue what the heck it was all about. I've taken college courses and bought so many text books which were just that - a text book. Your material and books associated are the best. I have recommended to all who have the need. I will be using your material for years and will demand my Company use it for training apprentices, and test prep for future journeymen and masters. I will actually be looking forward to the 2011 code change review with Mike Holt instead of dreading having to waste my time in some of the other boring training venues that are out there.

I wanted to tell Mike and Eric that I can really relate to the comment that Eric made: "We never completely understand the code we just become more familiar with it". Profound words from a PE!
My compliments to all the hard work. I'm sure all of you do, and thumbs up to Mike Culbreath for the great graphics, I know how much work that was.
I truly say from the heart, If anyone has to get it done and pass the test, there is no better way; or if you just want to understand the basics of electrical theory, Mike's Books & DVDs will let the light come on. Worth every penny spent.
But one has to put forth the effort - it just doesn't happen all by itself.
Master Electrician