2011 NEC Code Changes Textbook
The Changes to the NEC2011 book is great. Very clear and great illustrations.
Steve R Smith
Clear and professional explanation of code changes.
Margaret Slotnick
City of Euclid, OH
I wanted to drop you and your team a "Thank you and Great Job" on the changes to the NEC 2011 textbook. We are looking forward to using this material in our courses.
Thank you,
Travis Perry
Facility Services and Safety Consultant
I have received several 2011 Code Change books from various publishers. Your book is by far the most in depth and comprehensive of the books I have received. Keep up the good work.
Scott Carter
Georgia Northwestern Technical College
I like the graphic illustrations, and the explanation of a complex & confusing NEC using simple, clear cut graphics & drawings - super excellent! This Illustrated Guide to Changes to THE NEC 2011 shall be kept and used for the rest of my life. It is of great value to both electricians and registered electrical engineers alike.
Wing Poon Eng