2011 Master/Contractor Comprehensive Library DVDs
Please tell Mike that after studying with his exam preparation materials for over a year I went and passed my Washington State Master Electrician exam the first time. I completed the 7 hour exam in 5 and found it fairly easy (only because I was prepared). My son used the same material and passed his journeyman's exam also the first time. A whole new world of electrical work has opened up for me and I wish to thank Mike and his staff for excellent study materials.
God Bless,
Will Hansen

Thank you for the Master Comprehensive Library. I passed my Master's Exam with an 87%. Great program, I will use it every time I have to test.
Thanks to Mike and all the DVD guests, I passed my masters exam. I scored well and learned so much along the way. Great stuff here. The Masters Comprehensive Library will benefit any electrician, whatever your goal. Thanks guys.
Jesse Kirby

I went through all of your DVDs and books over the course of a year and a half. I took my Ohio Contractors Exam in June of this year and passed on the first attempt. I owe my success to the exemplary value of your materials. The graphics, the DVDs, the text books, all formatted in a way that makes sense of everything covered. I especially appreciate your panel guests with their knowledge and insight. I love the way the DVD is not just a plug-and-chug display of material, but an open discussion of sorts allowing the panel guests to add examples and side notes to the learning material. The passion that you express was very inspirational to me and I was excited to move on to the next DVD when I finished one. I felt as if I knew you all personally by the end of the DVD series.

I Thank you and all who collaborate with you, and I truly believe this is the best electrical training series available. I have taken numerous courses at our local community college that pale in comparison to the quality of learning I experienced with your program. Thanks again and I look forward to obtaining more of your products.
Richard J Reese

Once again, my expectations were exceeded.
Mark Piedmonte

I purchased your Masters library in prep for my Master's and two months ago I started studying and watched the DVDs twice & went through the books once and a few topics twice. After literally hundreds of hours of studying, today I took NH Masters test and glad to say I passed. Thank you for the help; only 2 of 20 guys passed.

As a service manager and service tech for many years, at the age of 50 I've acquired a lot of experience. Prior to finding Mike Holt Enterprises I met and attended several local guys who were giving code and test prep classes for years - $150.00 dollars and 18 hrs of my life later (several times) and I obtained nothing. Finally met Mr. Dionne who was using your material for NEC test Prep and I passed my journeyman test soon after. Bought the Masters Comprehensive library the following week!

After seeing the easy to comprehend graphics on such abstract topics like tap rules or grounding vs. bonding, etc, my eyes were opened and my mind was comprehending topics that previously I read about many times and had no clue what the heck it was all about. I've taken college courses and bought so many text books of which were just that, a text book. Your material and books associated are the best; I have recommended to all who have the need. I will be using your material for years and will demand my Company use it for training apprentices, and test prep for future journeymen and masters.

I truly say from the heart, if anyone has to get it done and pass the test, there is no better way; or if you just want to understand the basics of electrical theory, Mike's Books & DVDs will let the light come on. Worth every penny spent. But one has to put forth the effort - it just doesn't happen all by itself.
Master Electrician
Wow Mike Holt is a great teacher! The videos being 4 hours long I thought I would grow bored, but he kept my interest up. Well done. I've already recommended the Master/Contractor Comprehensive set to people at work. Thanks Mike!
Michael Boucher
I purchased the Mike Holt Master Exam Prep Library with DVDs and books, after I had previously purchased a master exam prep from another company. The other was designed to teach "how to take the test"; that was not enough for me to be successful on test day.
The Mike Holt Exam Prep however, guides you through each subject as needed for you to learn the material - not only to pass a test but to gain knowledge to use every day in our trade. This is what our industry needs today. I am very thankful to Mike and his staff for there dedication to our industry. I passed the master exam after and only after I studied with the Mike Holt prep material. I strongly suggest this material to anyone looking for success on there exam. Thank you Mike!!!
Scott Moore
Moore Electric
After 28 years in the trade, and a Class 2 unrestricted licensed individual, in GA for 20 years, I began new employment in 2010, with an electrical contractor who wanted me to obtain 7 out of state licenses within one year. With the use of Mike's materials and endless hours of devotion, I have now successfully tested and passed, 20 out of 20 state exams in just 14 months. Currently the list of states desired by my employer has grown to 33 states. I feel quite confident with the help of Mike's materials I am going to succeed. Thank you Mike and team for all of your hard work!
God Bless all of you
Thank you Mike Holt and team for an excellent product! I worked 5 1/2 years in the field and had no previous schooling as an electrician. I bought Mike's Master Electrician/Contractor package, completed it and then passed my state licensing exam first try! Mike Holt, you designed your course wonderfully! Without doubt the best in the industry. Thank You!!
Armand Tiffe
I just want to say thank you to the entire Mike Holt organization for taking the time to produce such priceless exam preparation material.
I am an electrical contractor in California. I ordered the Master/Contractor course with DVDs to get a more complete understanding of the complicated systems that I was being asked to bid on and install. After working through the whole course, I feel that I have a very good understanding of every aspect in any electrical installation I could be asked to install. I have studied other books and programs and did not learn any where near as much as I did with this product. I have recommended it to every electrician that I know who is in apprenticeship and working toward their state certification. I will be using Mike Holt products for all of my training and continuing education requirements in the future.
Les Forbis
I have used Mike's training products for the past two code cycles, starting with my master electricians exam preparation, 2005 NEC. Using Mike's training DVDs and books I was able to pass the master electricians exam and start my own electrical contracting business. I still use Mike's training material for furthering my education and new code cycle changes. Mike Thanks, and keep up the great work that you do.
God Bless, and thanks again.
I was struggling with the master's exam; the Master Comprehensive Library program has helped me a lot stay on track getting the information in NEC I had lacking and the back to basics I have forgotten.
Thanks Mike
Jim Callahan
I am very pleased with my purchase of the Master/Contractor Comprehensive Library, and how easy Mike makes things to understand. He is definitely meant to be a teacher/instructor. I will recommend his products to anyone, without question, wanting to learn this field.
Lee Richards
I like how easy the masters exam preparation material is to follow. I have been an electrician for 10 years - I went to an electrical school and got my Journeyman license. However the master exam I was not prepared for. This is great material and I have learned a lot I didn't know. I really appreciate what you do here.