Electrical Theory DVD Library

The Theory Library is awesome, no other way to put it! I have experience taking online classes as well as distance education courses and yet, nothing I have ever experienced matches the clarity with which this highly critical material is presented. I read at a very fast clip, and for material such as this, I slow down and re-read anything I am unfamiliar with. In this case, there is a lot that I am not familiar with, and though I am an avid reader, I find that I struggle to fully grasp the full meaning of the data. Alas!!! This is where Mike saves the day with his training format!!!! After reading, I then watch the DVD portion that corresponds to the portion of the text book and the result is total and complete comprehension. Between Mike's charisma and the panel of experts, I feel that I am being exposed to the topics completely and I will be that much better and safer as an Electrician. Mike places such enthusiasm into the lectures that I cannot help but get excited about electricity every time I sit down to study and I feel like I have known Mike forever even though I never have met the man. Patrick Minns ----------------- I have been in the trade since 1978 and have a good understanding of electricity from what I have been taught on the job. Mike's videos fill in the small gaps that I lack in knowledge, therefore I know why and how we do certain work in the trade. I live in a rural area where the option of classes are none. After considering some on line courses I opted to go for the Theory Library DVDs that Mike offers. It has been good! Thank you. Brian Brown