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Continuing Education

2011 Code Changes DVD Package (For CEU)
2011 NEC Changes DVD Package For CEU - 11WADVD

2011 is quickly approaching and its time to adapt. Don’t let the scale of this change intimidate you. With Mike Holt’s Illustrated Changes to the NEC 2011 DVD Package, you’ll be up-to-speed in no time.

Program includes:
Changes to the NEC 2011 Textbook
Changes to the NEC 2011 Disk 1
Changes to the NEC 2011 Disk 2

We recommend you use the 2011 Code book when working through this program. You can purchase a copy of that book by clicking here.

Click Here to go to our state licensing page to verify if your state accepts this course for continuing education credit.


Product Code: 11WADVD
Price: $218.00

Verify this Program is Approved by your State Board.