Electrical Estimating and Business Management

Electrical Estimating Textbook - 2nd Edition
Electrical Estimating Textbook 2nd Edition - EST2B
Every electrical contractor needs to know how to estimate and bid in order to be successful in business. A great percentage of electrical work is acquired through the estimating process, and it is a skill that can make or break a career or a company. This textbook teaches the concepts behind making an accurate estimate, as well as the correct methods to arrive at correct final numbers for a winning bid. Although it doesn't cover the specifics of estimating industrial wiring, once you have learned the proper technique of estimating, you should have no problem estimating any job with which you have experience. In Mike's step-by-step guide you'll learn about:

Project Management
Plans & Specifications Checklists
The Take-off
Determining Bill-of-Material
Pricing and Laboring
Adjusting Labor Units
Determining Break-even
Bid Cost Considerations
Evaluating computer software-based estimating

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