2014 Understanding Volume 1, 2, and NEC Practice Questions Book - SAVINGS!
2014 Understanding Volume 1 2 and NEC Exam Practice Questions Book SAVINGS - 14UND3
Mike Holt's Best-Selling Illustrated Code Guides bring the code to life. Save $18.00 when you purchase them together with his NEC Exam Practice Questions Book which provides over 2,400 practice questions on the NEC to test your knowledge

In this package you will receive:

Understanding the NEC Volume 1 Textbook
[Articles 90 - 480]
Understanding the NEC Volume 2 Textbook
[Articles 500 - 820]
NEC Exam Practice Questions Textbook  

Product Code: 14UND3
Price: $130.00

NOTE: Due to the extensive content of Article 690, that article is covered in Mike Holtís Understanding the NEC Requirements for Solar Photovoltaic systems. You can view our products covering Article 690
by clicking here.