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2014 Electrical Engineer and Designer's Library

2014 Electrical Engineer DVD Library - 14ENGR

As the Electrical Engineering industry advances, your need to understand the National Electrical Code is becoming greater. Code compliant, energy efficient building, providing the power quality demanded by today's omnipresent electronics are becoming more difficult to design, but are expected by your clients. Whether you need to understand the NEC to pass your Electrical Engineering exam, or design a system that provides the client what is demanded and compliant with the code, completely understanding the NEC is essential and no-one teaches this better than NEC Expert, Mike Holt.

This library includes:

Electrical Exam Preparation Textbook
· Raceway Calculations DVD
· Conductor Sizing Calculations DVD
· Voltage-Drop Calculations DVD
· Motors Calculations DVD
· Dwelling Unit Calculations DVD
· Multi-Family Dwelling Calculations DVD
· Commercial Calculations DVD
· Transformer Calculations DVD
Understanding the NEC Volume 1 Textbook 
· General Requirements Art. 90 - 110 DVD
· Wiring and Protection Art. 200 - 285 DVD
· Grounding Vs. Bonding Art. 250 (2) DVDs
· Wiring Methods Art. 300 - 392 (2) DVDs
· Equipment for General Use Art. 400 - 450 DVD
Understanding the NEC Volume 2 Textbook
· Special Occupancies Art. 500 - 590 DVD
· Special Equipment Art. 600 - 702 DVD
· Limited Energy and Communication Systems Art. 725 - 820 DVD
Bonus DVD: How to Use the NEC

Get ahead of the curve and invest in this dynamic DVD training library.

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Product Code: 14ENGR
Price: $850.00

Digital Answer Key(s) included with this product.


Due to the extensive content of Article 690, that article is covered in Mike Holt’s Understanding the NEC Requirements for Solar Photovoltaic systems. You can view our products covering Article 690 by clicking here.