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Mike Holt's Certified Instructor Program

Mike Holt s Certified Instructor Program - INSTOLCER

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For the first time ever, instructors are able to officially become certified on the Mike Holt Instructional Methodology.  This brand new training program distills Mike’s 40+ years of training experience into one powerful training system. Discover new ways to make your teaching more effective and improve your ability to connect with your students

This package includes:

  • Becoming a Great Instructor textbook
  • Becoming a Great Instructor (2) DVDs
  • Mike Holt's Certified Instructor Online Certification course

More information about the Online Certification.

The content of this program is perfect for apprenticeship instructors, in-house trainers, and other teachers who are looking to make an immediate impact on their training career. To become certified, pass with a score of 90%.This online program gives you immediate feedback on correct answers and your total score.

Part 1 – The Relationship
Part 2 – The Student
Part 3 – The Instructor
Part 4 – Presentation Skills
Part 5 – The Classroom Setting
Part 6 – The Presentation

This complete system will help you connect more with your students, develop your presentation skills, and help you better manage your classroom.


Price: $99.00

Answer keys are included with all Mike Holt books.