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2005 Electrical NEC Exam Prep Book & Master/Contractor Simulated Exam
2005 Electrical NEC Exam Prep Book Master Contractor Simulated Exam - 05EPMX

Printed in full color, the 2005 Electrical NEC Exam Preparation book covers Theory, Code, and Calculations in great detail. Clear colorful graphics guide you step-by-step through all the material you’ll need to pass your exam the first time. 480 pages, 350 graphics and the Answer Keys.This package also conatins a 7-hour simulated exam for you to test your strengths and weeknesses.

This exam is broken down into three parts:
Part 1 - Electrical Theory (50 Questions)
Part 2 - National Electrical Code (100 Questions)
Part 3 - Electrical Calculations (65 Questions) Give yourself the opportunity to work with an exam that will be very similar to your actual test.

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