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2008 NEC Detailed Library DVDs
2008 NEC Detailed Library DVDs - 08DECODVD

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If you want to really understand the NEC, this NEC Library is for you. Mike explains, in great detail, the history of the rule, the reason for the rule and how to apply the Code for everyday use. This program explains the 2008 Code, how to use the NEC, general installation requirements, branch circuits, feeders, services and overcurrent protection, grounding and bonding, conductors, cables and raceways, boxes, panels, motors and transformers, and more. Understanding the NEC Volumes 1 & 2 were written to provide insight into, and an understanding of, many of the technical rules of the NEC. These books contain clear graphics and examples.

The National Electrical Code Library includes Understanding the NEC Volumes 1 & 2, the NEC Practice Questions book and 10 DVD's.

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Product Code: 08DECODVD
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Answer keys are included with all Mike Holt books.

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