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2011 NFPA Softbound Code Book
2011 NFPA Softbound Code Book - 11PB

Major changes in the 2011 NEC meet consumer demand for alternate energy, green technologies, and IT equipment:
* New Article 694 has first-time requirements for small wind electric systems.
* Revised Article 625 includes updates on safe battery charging for plug-in hybrid vehicles that reduce the risk of explosion.
* Revised Article 705 covers interconnecting generators, windmills, and solar and fuel cells with other power supplies.
* New Article 840 addresses the increased demand for broadband communications systems with requirements for wireless, routers, and wireless disconnects.

New requirements focused on workplace safety include:
* Means to reduce incident energy (240.87)
* Labeling at subpanels to identify feeder supply source (408.4(B))
* Disconnecting means for transformers (450.14)

Bottom line: The 2011 NEC sets a new benchmark for safe electrical design, installation, and inspection.


Product Code: 11PB
Pages: 875
Price: $98.00


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