Low-Voltage (Limited Energy)

2008 Limited Energy Exam Preparation DVD Library
2008 Limited Energy Exam Preparation DVD Library - 08LELIBD

Prepare for your upcoming Low Voltage exam with this great study program. Understanding Electrical Theory is a critical foundation to help you prepare for your exam. You will receive Mike's Basic Electrical Theory textbook along with three DVDs to help you learn Electrical Fundamentals, Circuits, Alternating currents and more. You will also learn the NEC Technical Requirements for Limited Energy and Communication systems while also learning the basics of the NEC.

Subjects include definitions, general installation requirements, and specific requirements for low-voltage systems. The book includes practice questions, quizzes and a final exam. The DVD reviews Special Conditions and Communication Systems in a lively panel format where Mike discusses the NEC rules with experts from around the country.

This is a great package to help you brush up on your National Electrical Code knowledge and expand your understanding of Electrical Theory.

Program Includes:
Basic Electrical Theory Textbook
· Electrical Fundamentals and Basic Electricity DVD
· Electrical Circuits, Systems and Protection DVD
· Alternating Current, Motors, Generators and Transformers DVD
Illustrated Guide to Understanding NEC Requirements for Limited Energy and Communications Systems
· Limited Energy and Communication Systems DVD


Product Code: 08LELIBD
Price: $375.00


This program is based on the 2008 NEC

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