Panel - Blows Up (2-27-2K)

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Just to let you know two men in my local here in Austin, TX were injured while working at a hot 480 panel. This happened last Wednesday (February 23, 2000). I do not know all the details, but the story I have heard so far is that it was a freak accident caused by the fact that some previous worker had left his Kleins in the panel and when they took the cover off those Kleins somehow fell and caused an arc.

Like I said, this is what I heard, I do not know if there were other details involved. One person was released from the hospital the next day, but the other person is in the burn ward and from what I understand he has injured pretty bad.

I guess the reason I am telling you this is maybe in your next newsletter you could print a reminder to everyone to make sure they do not leave any tools in a panelboard when they leave.