Safe Work Practices (01-30-2K)

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Question: Could you ask your members if they know of any books, Web sites, or organizations that provide training seminars on safe work practices around energized and de-energized electrical installations?

Matthew Hermanson,

Response No. 1:

Check out the Occupational Safety and Health Act (OSHA) and the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA 70E) for the safety of contractors and employees during construction. They have a lot of good stuff on electrical safety.

Noble Frye,

Response No. 2:

The IEEE - Petroleum and Chemical Committee is holding a Safety Seminar in Toronto on Jan. 23-26, 2001. Call Danny Liggett at Dupont 302-695-0267. The best thing about this workshop is the "cracker barrel" get-together in the evening where exchanges are made. Ask for a flyer. The program is different each year but held every year. I am speaking on the subject of "How to keep your Grounding Systems from Hurting You."

Donald W. Zipse,

Response No. 3:

Here are a few references I would suggest for Matthew:

1.     Of course, the NFPA 70E Standard.

2.     IEEE Yellow Book (Maintenance, Operation, and Safety of Industrial and Commercial Power Systems).

3.     OSHA Elec. Regulations Simplified (Building Tech Bookstore Inc. 1-800- ASK BOOK).

Dan McKinney,

Response No. 4:

I attended a class put on by National Technology Transfer, Inc. a few years ago. It was a 3-day class called Electrical Safety and Procedures. It was excellent! They are on the net at:

Daniel A. Wagner

Response No. 5:

In response to your request for safety training on electrical systems, I am putting together a schedule for several subjects that might be of interest to your readers; one will be electrical safety. These sessions will be 1-3 day seminar style, at our community college site just north of Des Moines IA. There are several motels in the area and Interstate 35 passes within two miles of the campus. I do not have a firm date yet for these classes but they will be held sometime in the next three months. We will repeat 3-4 times a year if they are successful. These are open to anyone and at a reasonable cost. They will be held during the week and between 8 a.m. and 5 p.m. At this time, they are not on our Web site but anyone interested may contact me at 515-964-6838, 515-964-6464, or fax @ 515-964-6206. E-mail is

Contact me for dates, cost, and course outlines after January 15. Registration, schedule & outline will be available by Web as soon as dates are determined and put into our system. The following is a list of classes being considered:

Level 1:

1.     Electrical safety on systems less than 2000 volts.

2.     Trouble-shooting electrical motor controls.

3.     Trouble-shooting electrical/electronic systems - (alarm & control systems).

4.     Introduction to PLC's - (Programmable Logic Controllers).

5.     National Electrical Code for Industry - (factory & commercial applications).

6.     Electrical motors - (commercial & industrial applications).

7.     Introduction to variable speed motors - (VFD's).

8.     Industrial instrumentation & controls.

These classes are designed around electricians and maintenance personnel. Level 1 is for people with little or no experience but have some knowledge of AC & DC electricity. We will offer levels 2 & 3 later this year. They will be the next step for beginners and for people with some knowledge but need more in-depth skills. Classes include some demonstrations and labs. Classes will run 6-hours a day. Notebook, pen and complimentary food & beverages are provided. Students are responsible to have books as needed or they may purchase them at the time of class (must notify me two weeks before class if needing books). List is available with outline.

I'm also interested in any other ideas for other subjects, etc. that your readers might want. Product demonstrations are another thought if distributors or vendors would like to get involved.

Terry L. Crowe,

Response No. 6:

I do a seminar for the OSHA Electrical Standards, which is in-depth. I do not know if you want that much material. It's about 200 pages. I'm sure you are aware of the Bussman Safety class, but it is limited. I guess it depends on how deep Matthew wants to go.

David R. Carpenter,

Response No. 7:

I believe the Association of Builders & Contractors Institute has done some training on that subject and I also believe that they have some written material. Call Dwight Foster at (561) 994-2640. I know they were in the process of moving so I hope the number is still good.

Lee Wansor,

Response No. 8:

AVO International has been a great source of in-house electrical training for our company, Subparts "R" & "S" specifically. Check with Kaylee at or their Web site at

Samuel A. Williams,

Response No. 9:

Kent Parshall,

Response No. 10:

One of the better books on electrical safety that I have found is "OSHA Electrical Regulations Simplified" Stallcup 1999. As far as seminars go, call some of the equipment manufacturers that produce electrical-rated gloves or, if you are looking for high-voltage training, try a hotstick manufacturer. North Gloves and White Rubber Co. for gloves and Hastings for hotsticks come to mind.

Dennis O'Key,

Response No. 11:

My favorite electrical safety Web sites are:

Please share them with all members.

Joseph Nir,

Response No. 12:

I have received information from the AVO International Training Institute ( on courses that they offer on electrical safety and maintenance. I have not attended any classes with AVO so I cannot comment on the quality or type of training that they offer.

Brent Kooiman,

Response No. 13:

NETA guidelines for members only are available and NETA will be holding a conference in Kansas City on March 13-16. Go To or call 1-(888) 300-6382. We welcome participants.

Ralph Patterson,

Response No. 14:

You sent us information regarding the Bussmann's Safety Program. Along with the video is a booklet "Handbook for Electrical Safety." Apparently, Bussmann contracted with a consulting service to help with the program and they are listed in the booklet: Electrical Safety Consulting Services, Inc., c/o Ray A. Jones, P.E. Apparently, he (they) are available at or There are also a number of sources listed at the end of the video, but it went too fast for me to catch. I'd suggest your members start there and, by all means, get a copy of the video.

W.L. Ramage,

Response No. 15:

Yes, the American Maintenance Management Institute (AMMI) provides such classes and even certifications. They can be reached at 800-897-AMMI, or 760-250-3853 (which is the cell phone of Jack Hoffer, one of the directors).

Al Suther,